Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Dumbest graffiti ever.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Labor Day.

Labor Day in United States conjures up memories and traditions of BBQ's, end of summer, back-to-school, and in Denver, Taste of Colorado in Civic Center Park. I have never passed a Labor Day in USA that wasn't anything but peaceful. However, the same summer afternoon traditions are not celebrated the world over. Let me share the story of Colombian Labor Day. Labor Day in Bogotá is more about potential violence. My best guess is that the Colombians like any excuse to throw rocks. Really though, I believe it is because Colombia has the highest unemployment in all of South America, whilst being one of it's best developed and most progressive nations. I'm not sure if the same display of power y'all are about to witness via the interweb is displayed in all parts of Colombia. Being the capital of this on-edge nation, Bogotá usually has a greater threat than other areas. Thus a more AWESOME display of military and police when the shit might hit.
Labor Days past have proven to be very violent here in the captial, and the police have learned from that. Labor Day seems to translate into all cops working, every one else off for the day. As I strolled around downtown Bogotá on the afternoon of May 1, I was truly impressed with what I saw. Never in my life have I seen such a show of power, not even the DNC in 2008 in Denver could come close to this quantity of cops. I would guess there was more cops and military in downtown than regular citizens walking the streets.

First and foremost, we, la policía of Bogotá, must protect the peaceful eaters of McDonald's. People need their burgers!!!
When this almost riot almost happened, I was there to make sure I saw the blood flow in the streets. This group of riot police arrived in a flash to quell a potentially dangerous situation of screaming drunken and bird-flipping Colombians. I should have been a journalist. . .
This is Labor Day, not go-to-church-day. No prayers today folks, God's got the day off.
One of the many riot vehicles in downtown Bogotá on Labor Day. This one even has the scars to prove it has been hit by many rocks in riots past. I saw one of these things in action earlier in the week unleashing it's water jets on a group of protesting school-aged children and madness ensued. An awesome vehicle, truly.

Part 2.

Because the display was beyond impressive, I have included a second part for all to enjoy.Being a riot cop is boring when there are no riots.

Talk about impressive! It is clear that this guy thinks I'm a total idiot, and he's right. I am trying my best to look tough, but with his Robo-Cop gear and death stare(or is that confusion?), he wins. There is no need for this cop to do anything to prove his power over me. The fight would go something like this: I punch him, I break my hand doing so, I run away crying. Fight over. However, my foolishness and lack of self respect make for one of the most classic photos of my life.Good lord man. If these are transit police, and they are, where is all the transit they are supposed to be protecting? Oh, I guess since it's Labor Day, the drivers have the day off, but obviously the police force hired to protect them do not have that luxury. Instead, they will gather in the main plaza and stand around.
Don't stare too long at this group. You will either go blind from their fancy jackets or start hallucinating. Either way, you'd get arrested.
What the hell are you guys sitting here for if you aren't gonna do your damn job? Cops the world over daydream of donuts whilst the hoodlums have their way with windows. Ironic photo if there ever was one.
All in all, Labor Day was uneventful, if not full of photo opportunities. There was the threat of a riot in my neighborhood, and the hordes of police arrived in the drop of a hat. Of course I ran towards it, as opposed to away from it, which would have been the smart thing to do. But nothing happened, for the better of all in Bogotá. Can't wait 'til next year!