Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sleep like a baby.

As I laid in bed for an hour before getting up yesterday(and for 2.5 hours today)I had a thought, "I was born to lay in bed."  As I chuckled to myself about this ridiculousness, I then realized that in fact it's true, I was literally born to lay in bed.  Isn't that what all babies do, lay around in bed?  Lazy babies, they don't even get up to go to the bathroom.

My personal, internal comedy routine continued as I also realized that I was born to lay in the arms of someone else; also something all babies do.  So why do we think that as we get older that we need to sacrifice these essential pieces of happiness and health?  I personally have zero guilt when it comes to laying around, whether asleep or awake.  Fortunately, I do not suffer the same complex as so many Americans of needing to constantly be productive, constantly be doing something.  I will lay around with the best of them!  Guilt is not invited to this lazy party.
I understand we all have lives, jobs, and some crazy people even made kids to take care of, but time for ourselves, just spacing out and laying around is essential for recovery and to process our lives' events and responsibilities.  So next time you're feeling like you "should get up and do something", just remind yourself that you were literally born to lay in bed!  And do your best to have it be in the arms of someone loving :)