Thursday, October 2, 2014


"My soul is not contained within the limits of my body, my body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul."

"You cannot define yourself in reference to other external coordinates, you must define yourself internally with your relationship with a higher entity.  Think of yourself as a manifestation of some higher thing, some higher frequency.  This is the visible realization.  And you know that because you can't see atoms, can you?  And you certainly can't see the forces that hold atoms together.  There in the micro-quantum world lie the answers to everything.  We can't understand it with our biological, rational minds, but we feel it intuitively.  Get yourself in line with that stuff and you'll beam like the sun."

If I challenged each and every one to guess who quoted the above listed quotes, I am certain that nobody would come close to guessing who the two men are that said those two things.  One is Canadian, one is British.  Both are extremely famous comedians, movie stars, funny men.  In fact, both are known as complete goofballs, guys who push the limits of comedy.  

Jim Carrey and Russell Brand, in that order, are the two men who said the two profound, deeply meaningful things that are quoted above.  How is it possible that those kooky guys, whose mission it is to make us laugh, can come up with such substantial, spiritual inspiration?

As a society we pay attention to, only seem to take notice of, the superficial.  We are more obsessed with what someone is wearing than the actual composition of their character.  There is no doubt in my heart that both Jim Carrey and Russell Brand have lived multiple lives before this current one and the wisdom of their old souls knows full well that in our modern world we do not acknowledge and value spiritual strength.  So, in order for these messengers to be able to deliver the real message they are intended to deliver, they must first earn our attention with silly antics.  If Jim Carrey did not grab our attention with Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber, would we ever have listened to his true wisdom?  If Russell Brand wasn't touring the world with stand up comedy in order to make a name for himself internationally, would we be willing to sit and listen to his penetrating, almost uncomfortable ranting about the state of humanity and the power of connecting spiritually?

Both of these men have used their gifts first to make us laugh and now to challenge us to look deeper within ourselves, beyond the laughter behind which so many of us hide and to truly begin to understand something greater; that of our true selves.  Looks like they are good for more than a laugh after all...