Friday, February 26, 2010

Fashion Week!

Some tickets to La Semana International de la Moda(International Fashion Week)happened across my path last week, and you bet I jumped on the opportunity! As a barber without borders, I am also a fan of fashion without borders. It was a total blast to wander around with my offical credentials, pretending like I was offical. Mostly I was gawking at the Colombianos and Colombianas, and the plethora of goods that are supposed to make our lives more fasionable.
There are many, many reasons to want to go to an international fashion extravaganza, but here in Colombia, what more reasons are needed than Colombianas in bikinis? ¡Hurt me with your latina sass, mami!
This dress is so hot! Too bad we cannot say the same for the model, oh well, the bikinis were satisfying.

Sweet baby jesus! I imagine this boot is just for show, but wow what a show. In fact, fashion week in Bogotá was basically a trade show, and the vast majority of the companies showing were from Colombia. Colombia is famous for it´s leather goods, meaning that fashion week in Bogotá was basically a shoe and handbag expo. Talk about having to control myself.
And we save the best for last. My favorite thing about this photo(besides hot chicks in tiny bikinis)is that this was the week to preview for fall and winter fashion. However, equatorial nations promote bikini wearing year round. God bless Colombia and it´s positioning beneath the stars that seems to produce the hottest women that have ever lived. This photo is dedicated to A.F. Owen, who was a dumb-ass because he left the convention before this swimwear show. Eat it up sucker, I was there!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My meat stick is bigger than your meat stick.

If this is the BBQ, I want to see the salad bar! Nobody can honestly tell me this is not one of the most impressive displays of cooking meat they have ever seen. It was hard to stand close to this, the heat was intense. Needless to say, it´s nearly impossible to get a meal in Latin America without meat. I have no idea what the deal with this BBQ, but it´s amazing. And, really, I see whole fish, I see whole chicken, now where is the whole cow?(that would be too cool for words) Was really happy to have my camera on this particular afternoon.
P.S. Did not eat any of it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hard at work. . .like everywhere in the world.

Bogotá is crawling with police and military. In fact, I think most non-travelers would be scared to death of their presense. But sometimes I wonder if they do anything. There are areas of town that have like ten or twenty police on every block, and areas of town where there isn´t a cop to be found. The balance is off, terribly off. The areas of town that need them the most is where they are not. Seems easy to figure out, but obviously not. Here we have a fine example of a "soldier" cleaning his gun whilst on duty, in front of the church no less!
Here´s the wide angle shot of all of them "protecting" the church, you know, from drug dealers.

Bogotá can be boring, so we must have a little time for some physical antics("hey, give me my gun back!"), but we must make sure we are standing in the middle of the street to do it. (they don´t actually carry guns)

This one is not funny, it is a representation of the average age of the police here, about 13-years-old(hard to see his face in this photo, but just imagine a 13-year-old). Nothing like a bunch of insecure teenagers to protect you. Seriously, the average age of the police here is about 18 or 19, lots of them even have braces. Now that´s how you get respect man, a brace-faced, teenage cop with a night stick.

Ah, Colombia with it´s laid back latino lifestyle. In this photo I think we can actually witness a kidnapping occuring in the background. Keep up the good work boys!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I´ll take a #2 combo.

I have little to no originality or patience today, so this is the post you all are getting. Love it or leave it. This is honestly the name of a burger joint on a main street in downtown Bogotá. Maybe as Americans we are obsessed with strength, cause I´m sure if a place called "Wimpy" opened in USA we would enter only to read the wimpy menu, then carry on to Chipotle where the food is anything but wimpy. Wimpy would never survive. Wimpy would get bullied out of the American market by the bigger burger chains and eventually lead a life of of B-list burger fame in a secondary economy. Perhaps how it ended up in Colombia. Either that or it´s some poor sap´s last name, you know, like McDonald´s. Please give me a Wimpy combo, with cheese. I am not hungry enough today to eat a strong combo or even a regular-strength combo. And, oh, the irony; I´m pretty sure that a 1/2 lb. burger is not actually that wimpy. Probably the only place in the world where something with the name "Wimpy" is described as "spectacular!".

Traveling is hilarious. It´s absolutely a riot to see how non-English speakers use and translate English words. WIMPY for life!

Now somebody please go out and eat a blue cheese bacon burger from Racine´s for me.