Monday, February 8, 2010

Hard at work. . .like everywhere in the world.

Bogotá is crawling with police and military. In fact, I think most non-travelers would be scared to death of their presense. But sometimes I wonder if they do anything. There are areas of town that have like ten or twenty police on every block, and areas of town where there isn´t a cop to be found. The balance is off, terribly off. The areas of town that need them the most is where they are not. Seems easy to figure out, but obviously not. Here we have a fine example of a "soldier" cleaning his gun whilst on duty, in front of the church no less!
Here´s the wide angle shot of all of them "protecting" the church, you know, from drug dealers.

Bogotá can be boring, so we must have a little time for some physical antics("hey, give me my gun back!"), but we must make sure we are standing in the middle of the street to do it. (they don´t actually carry guns)

This one is not funny, it is a representation of the average age of the police here, about 13-years-old(hard to see his face in this photo, but just imagine a 13-year-old). Nothing like a bunch of insecure teenagers to protect you. Seriously, the average age of the police here is about 18 or 19, lots of them even have braces. Now that´s how you get respect man, a brace-faced, teenage cop with a night stick.

Ah, Colombia with it´s laid back latino lifestyle. In this photo I think we can actually witness a kidnapping occuring in the background. Keep up the good work boys!

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  1. Oh man, I"ll never complain about the overly-aggressive, testerone charged, 40-year-old cops here again. At least they have some legitimate experience with a crisis greater than which cologne to wear on their date tonight!