Sunday, February 24, 2013

I eat babies.

I recently purchased a some organic carrots at a farmers market in my new neighborhood in Buenos Aires, and this little guy was hiding in the bunch.  Gives a new definition to the term "baby carrot".

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Common sense.

Graffiti never ceases to entertain me.  This has got to rank up there with the best of all time.  Translation: "That common sense may protect you."  Yeah, because nothing says that like a cat in a spacesuit.  Thank you Space Cat for your timeless advice.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

To: The City of Angels

Los Angeles,

Where can I possibly begin for how I feel about you and our time together?  Well, for starters, you kept me longer than any city has, besides my hometown of Denver.  Congratulations, that is no small feat considering my gypsy nature.  Once I arrived to you, I knew I was going to stick, I had to, my life depended on it.  Funny thing is I only sort of knew it at the time.  

I came to you hurt and lost.  I came to you for a simple few reasons including, but not limited to, good weather(it rained ten days straight when I arrived), my ability to work(Floyd's rocks!), and that I would not be alone(The Jens).  I landed in one of your uniquely LA community living situations where I had an instant group of like-minded people.  I cannot thank you enough for this!  My experience in LA, the growth I achieved with you would never have been possible if you had not given me Bobby's communities.  From them, I grew my own community, and that is one of the greatest gifts I've ever given myself or the world.  I may not be able to personally grow very deep roots, but I have learned that through my ability to create, that there are deep roots in this world and within myself as a result.

You presented to me, after my first year with you, the greatest challenge of my life to date: to dig deeply into my life, to clear the most damaging events, to discover and live as my true Self.  The final straw for this was minor in hindsight, but what it opened up was very powerful and I could run no longer.  I knew I had to change, I knew it would suck, I knew it would be scary and depressing and difficult, I knew it was 110% necessary.  It was all those things and the results are bigger than I realized was possible.  You tested me more authentically than any other place, you never gave up on me, and though I teetered on the edge, I never gave up on you either.  Thank you for staying by  my side, continuing to provide me with what I needed and I know that I always have a safety net called Los Angeles.

So many people complain about your people.  If I've learned anything about life, it's that people suck everywhere, and people are awesome everywhere.  You are no exception, you just have a tremendous amount of people!  You have the people that have had the most profound effects on my life ever to happen.  First is my dear friend and brother Charles, and his Fat Boy, Toby.  Because of these two, my life is dramatically and forever changed.  Charles taught me how to heal and change my body through dedication to only the most high quality nutrition.  Charles showed me generosity unmatched by any others in my life.  Toby is highly responsible for me overcoming my deep fear of dogs.  I will miss and I love those two so much but I know that you work through them to change the lives of many and that you need them.  Madison and Joe are also necessary to thank you for.  How this other Colorado girl and I came together in your arms, and how much time we spent listening to the ramblings of Joe is something very special to me.  I healed so much of my past with these two and I am able to be the powerful woman that I am because you gave me Mad Mad and Joga. 

What a fantastically powerful and dynamic place you are!  Truly an energy center of our planet.  What you draw, what you create cannot be denied.  You are gorgeous, and isn't that exactly what so many come to you hoping to hear?

I know that though I learned so much with you, that some of your greatest lessons from you are to be learned as I reflect on our time together.  I forever have a home with you, you will never totally get rid of me now.  I will return time and time again, at least to visit, perhaps to live yet again.  Please watch over my things on Jefferson, please continue to nurture my community and please let Joey get a haircut that he likes so I don't have to hear him complain from half way around the world.

I love you Los Angeles, and I am forever grateful for the true angels that you have.

Your child, Sarah