Friday, April 24, 2009


As a tall, blonde woman, there are many benefits to be enjoyed pretty much anywhere in the world, and the comedy of Guatemala is no exception.

These Tzu´tzuhil Mayans are damn near comedians, seriously so funny. And there is little that is so endearing as the random "I love you" yelled to me in passing in the streets by any man or boy here. Often times it is also followed or preceeded by a "hey baybee!". The level of English known by these people is extremly minimal, but "I love you" and "hey baby" seem to be some of the first things they learn. Not to mention also important for the advancement of their chances with any extranjera(foreign woman). Somehow I don´t think they are teaching this in school.

One of the most hilarious occasions was as my friend Emily and I were walking one day and we hear hollers of "Babies in the street!" from a group of local men. Immediately we begin looking for the babies in the street, certainly they need to be moved to the sidewalk. But after a few seconds, we realized that WE were the babies in the street. Apparently those men do not understand the difference between babies and babes. Ahhh, English as a second language, barely. At least they practice every chance they get.

It nice to be so loved :)


  1. Holy crap that is funny. If you yelled that around here, someone would really take you seriously. I think kids out number adults 3 to 1 in Rexburg.

  2. Hey Babies, I love you. Keep bloggin as it takes away the boring time in the office. :)