Friday, November 17, 2017

Bear market.

Yesterday two new clients came in to the shop.  Slicked back, sharp looking gents, these two were excited to be trying out a new spot that has a golden reputation around this small city.  One of them was scheduled with me and during his consultation he told me he had been going to a high-end men's salon in Portland but had lately been disappointed with the results of his haircuts.  Upon inspection I definitely noticed quite a bit that was off about the shape and it seemed like whoever cut his hair wasn't sure how to deal with the unique nature of his hair type, and the dueling cowlicks that rested upon his crown.  Disappointed in the work of others, which I often am as a detail obsessed barber, I told him the plan and began my work to remedy the mediocre mess he came in with.

Throughout the haircut I explained to him what I was doing, why I was doing it and the effects my technical approach would have on the final result and grow-out of his haircut.  In the end, he was very pleased with the results complimenting me on my skills and execution of his desired look.  But the best was yet to come from this client.

After their cuts, the two men stayed around and enjoyed a drink, relaxing on one of the plush leather sofas in the shop lounge.   At one point I walked by and my client told me they are hedge fund managers(I don't really know what that means, but I know it has something to do with rich people's money).  He followed that up by telling me his buddy had asked him how I had done and if he liked his haircut from me.  My client told me that his response to his buddy was, "I told him, 'She dissected it like a mismanaged portfolio!!'."  I was in stitches and we all enjoyed a good laugh over that before I thanked him for the financial adviser's perspective of my work.  Truly one of the great compliments of my lengthy career. 

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