Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ride or die.

On my street there's a poor, frozen bicycle locked to a tree.  During the fall time I remember thinking, "Is that gonna be there all winter?  Does that poor baby have a home?"  Even if it does have a home, it's not allowed to come inside, regardless of the weather.  This bike was on the verge of disappearing in that glacier, if it weren't for a couple consecutive days in the 40's.  

Then New England got blasted with a "bomb cyclone" and I saw this frigid, two-wheeled friend left to bear the brunt of the storm.  Then the plows came, making for an even sadder scene.  Has anyone ever shoveled their bike out?  Cars, yes.  Doorways, yes.  Bikes?  This is Maine, bikes get shoveled out.

C'mon now, what did this bike do to get left out in the cold?  Bicycles are our friends!  They get cold and lonely too.  Not to mention the damage various parts will suffer due to the freeze/thaw and all the damn salt, sand and grime ever-present on the sidewalks.

Call me crazy, but I don't think any bicycle should be an outdoor pet, they want to be warm and dry like the rest of us.  Plus, who rides in this New England winter madness?  You'd be surprised...  I feel like nothing stops the New English from living life, not even the gnarliest winter ever.  Inspiring folks they are.  Or maybe just insane.

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