Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ahhhh, only in San Pedro

On the internet two days in a row, I know, I know, it´s like I´ve lost my mind. However somethings require blogging.

There is a family that lives along the main pathway here in San Pedro. There is always tiny little Mayan children running in and out of their dirt patch front yard amongst the drying laundry and their textile weaving Abuela(Grandmother). And now there is something else running around their front yard.

This family had dyed a brood of baby chicks with easter egg dye. There is little green chicks and little purple chicks along with all that I listed above. If you are not peeing your pants with laughter at the mental picture of this, check your pulse you humorless ass.

I absolutely enchanted by this place, and part of it being the random uber-hilarious things such as dyed baby chicks in dirt patch front yards.

Only in San Pedro amigos, only in San Pedro.


  1. I'M LIZZING! (That means I am laughing and wizzing at the same time.)

  2. I don't dare show the pic of the colored birds to the kids. Next thing you know they will be asking for a pink dog, hamster, etc...