Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hell is frozen

I cannot believe that I am posting pictures. However, the "Water day" post has difficulty being understood unless one has an image to stare at whilst imagining the life here. I have added a picture of our laundry sink complete with a bucket of my soaking laundry. Look closely and you can see the washboard. Note the small floating bucket, used for scooping and pouring water. The entire concrete tank is full of water below the washboard as well.

The other is our famous tank-on-the-roof I speak so highly of. And no roof tank would be complete without posters of Guatemalan beer girls. For perspective, the tank is about 5 feet tall, roughly the girth of a small hot tub. Don´t I sometimes wish it was a hot tub. . .

Also, note the pieces of scrap wood holding the lid down in order to [hopefully] keep it on in the sometimes violent winds that whip up here at the lake(does not always work). Ghetto-fied!!!

This is the life.


  1. note the handwritten reminder of water days on the tank...these pics look like the house i lived in in college--Brahva posters and all HAHAA seriously tho..looks so quiant and amazing. can i come down? can i???

  2. You and Lindsay are becoming quite skilled at ghetto repair. Do you need a shipment of duct tape too?