Monday, October 28, 2013

Mishap at the movies.

Tonight I did something I normally don't do.  Well actually I did two things I normally don't do.  I went to the movies, for one.  The movie was pretty good, no need to go in to detail there, nothing special really.  However, when I returned from the theater and was lounging on the couch, I felt something hard on my jeans, sort of near my crotch, on the inner thigh of my right leg.  No, it's not what I would like it to have been. . . It was a Milk Dud.  I sat on a Milk Dud at the movies and it had welded itself very near to the ass of my pants.  Nothing quite like something identical to a turd getting completely and totally stuck to my pants basically right by my ass.  Fortunately I was able to heat it up just enough to peel it off of my jeans, but they definitely will need to soak just a bit to get the residual caramel off that is now practically part of the fabric.  A recap on the things I did tonight that I don't normally do: went to the movies, sat on candy.  But I suppose that if there is any one place where it is appropriate to sit on candy, a movie theater has got to top that list.

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