Saturday, October 26, 2013

Special talents.

Some people have real talents, but my brother Brady and I have a special knack for spotting celebrities whenever we are together.  Brady visited me for four of five days when I lived in Los Angeles and he was determined to see a famous person every day. Lo and behold we sighted a celebrity every day.  I won't bore with the details, but the famous people we saw were nothing to balk at; the real deal famous folks of the greater Los Angeles area.  

Tonight was also no exception as Brady and I saw one of the girls from my guilty pleasure "America's Next Top Model".  I know, I know, it's ridiculous to admit I watch that show, but now it's public knowledge, get over it.  Anyways, our own born and bred Denver girl, Jiana made her way in front of Tyra to compete for the elite title of America's Next Top Model.  Tonight she also happened to be at an art show we went to to support a friend and her local clothing company.  Brady and I haven't lost our celebrity spotting magic even though we aren't in Los Angeles anymore.  Hollywood just follows us around now.

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