Saturday, December 5, 2009


So cliché, but Colombia is amazing. Including the way they speak Spanish, which I´m not so sure is the same Spanish that I learned.

All I had previously understood about Colombia was how beautiful and well pronounced the Spanish is here. But after arriving I am of a different set of beliefs. The Spanish here is crazy, it is fast, and not as well pronounced as it´s made out to be.

Living in Guatemala, where I learned Spanish, I spoke and learned with Mayan indians. For the Mayans, Spanish is also their second language, after indigenous languages(very different from Spanish). Being their second language, plus living in a small town, the Spanish we spoke was not very advanced, and also spoken rather clearly. I communicated with no problems in Guatemala, and felt like a damn language genius for learning so quickly.

Here in Bogotá, oh my sweet baby Jesus, the Spanish is nuts. I knew I would have to adjust to a different accent, well, accents since different regions very in dialect just like USA. But there are situations were I may not understand a single word someone says to me. Now, that being said, I have made great strides in my first week here and am already feeling a lot more comfortable and confident when listening to the Colombians.

After my first couple of days here I was like, well there is only one way to learn how to speak with these people. I had to get brave, and it´s been working. Let me also just say, the Colombian men have no problem helping me through a conversation. They are probably just to happy to have the attention of a blonde. It´s great, I cannot lie about that.

So, when I arrived, I was like, "crap, what the hell, I have to learn Spanish all over again??". However, after a week, things are settling nicely, and my brain is a traffic jam of Spanish and English. Eventually the language highway will clear and all things will move smoothly through their respective lanes.

Such a beautiful city, beautiful people, and I am beginning to understand why Colombia is famous for it´s beautiful Spanish. This is truly the heart of Latin America, a thick and powerful energy oozes from the people and the culture here. The Colombians love life, amongst their incredible struggles and the violence that has permiated their socitey for years.

I am blessed to have been led to such a wonderfully unique place on Earth, and have already cried the words "¡Nunca salgo de Colombia!(I´m never leaving Colombia!)".

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