Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Medellin Mullet.

What kind of barber without borders would I be if I wasnt blogging about amazing international hairstyles? Well, here it goes. Be careful what you wish for!!!

In the city of Medellin, one of Colombias major cities, the mullet seems to be amazingly popular. Funny considering the weather is sort of hot, I would think the citizens of Medellin would not want to hold the heat on their necks to the degree that they do. I am honestly impressed with the level of mullets that exist, and clearly I found myself poaching pictures everywhere I went with this blog post in mind. All of these photos were poached with the exception of the "super mullet"(to be later described).

The mullet seems to be a popular hairstyle in many countries, including the country of my birth. However, its acceptance varies from country to country, and even from region to region within various countries. I think to not write too much, the pics speak for themselves. And when you imagine that I am poaching all these photos, its even funnier! Enjoy.

The top photo I will call the "Metro-Mullet", not because this guy is metro sexual, but because I poached this photo on the metro train that Medellin is famous for.

Next, we have the "She-Mullet", kinda grainy foto because I exercised the zoom on my camera as to not let this mullet escape its blog fame.

"Team-Mullet", seriously, this group of like six guys all had mullets, now that is male bonding!

The fourth photo is the only one I actually asked permission for, this Colombian teen thought I was a total wierdo, and he is right. With his purple jeans, there is no other title except "Super-Mullet" that will do for this stylish young man!(Sorry for the sideways pic, these computers are a pain to figure out, somehow I know it doesnt take away from this mullets glory)

And finally, I think the citizens of Medellin are actually born with mullets as "Baby-Mullet" proves in the last photo. This kid was with this younger brother, and they both had baby-mullets. So cute! Nothing like raising your kids to be confident with their lame hair.

There is about fifteen thousand more types of mullets in Medellin alone, but there is only so much time, and memory space on my camera.

To close, I had as much fun, if not more, planning and posting this amazing array of mullets, as you have all had reading it and laughing yourself to tears. I owe a special thanks to my buddy Noah for showing me around Medellin and being patient whilst I chased down mullets to photograph. Traveling is such good times, even if to only check out the hair!

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  1. Maybe Billy Ray Cyrus was just before his time and in the wrong country?!?! He could of been the succesor to Menudo.