Friday, December 11, 2009

Livin' la vida.

Offically left Bogotá yesterday, after nearly two weeks. The city with everything; good weather, set at the foot of beautiful mountains, dry air, lively city life and people, great food, great shopping, great looking men, and one of the largest cycling path networks in the world. Plus, every Sunday the city shuts down about 50 or so miles of main roads for the ciclovia, a chance for people to get out on their bikes, free of traffic. What a great place! Above photo is a partial view of Bogotá(and, no that tiny cluster of buildings is not downtown Botogá, downtown is much larger), taken from a mountain on the east side of the city called Monserrate,where there is built a 300-year-old church. Reached by cable car! Monserrate is viewable from everywhere in the city, obvioulsy.

This photo is a night shot of the celebration of Dia de las Velitas, Day of the Vigils, some holiday I personally have never heard of but is great because the Colombians line the streets with candles, stunning to see, and then they party in the streets(above pictured). I'm telling you, these people shut down the most main roads in the city for damn near everything. Screw traffic, let's party! I could have stood here for hours and just people watch, actually it's what I did.

I have come to the belief that this Homero Valdez t-shirt is my favorite t-shirt I have ever owned in my life. And that is saying something, because I have owned and currently own many rad tees. Latin America is a wonderland of Simpsons t-shirts. It´s like Grandpa Simpson and Juan Valdez had a coffee growing baby.

I'm currently in Medellín, another big Colombian city, with my buddy Noah that I met in Guatemala. He's been here for about two months and today we went to the DAS office so he could renew his visa. It was nice to get a chance to see what the hell it requires, but kind of boring to sit there and watch everything move in latino time. Obviously still adjusting from the rat-race that is my home country.

Certainly I prefer the pace of latino time.


  1. Dawg!!! Me gusta mucha tu ambicion. Es la ciclismo muy bueno alli? Hay muchas personas que anda sus bicicletas? Disfrutalo!!!!!

  2. Hey, just so you know I'm reading the blogs, and keeping track of you. Miss ya, and post some pictures of Christmas in Columbia.