Saturday, January 23, 2010

Colombian flea markets part 2.

This is so hilarious, and awesome!
For all of you that know I´m a die-hard cyclist, this sweet ride made me wish I was 2 feet tall.
Not only can you spend money in the markets, you can buy money. There was also many stalls with heaps of coins from around the world. As a coin collector and lover(that´s right I love coins), I had to control myself.

Roller derby anyone? Team America in the house. Stars and stripes til´ death!

Clearly this is what the speculum was for. Wow.

And finally, one can find grinning gold masks from pre-colonial times in the flea markets. Invaluable historical items. Just kidding, this is actually from the Museo del Oro(Gold Museum)in Bogotá, but I´ve been dying for an excuse to post it. Grrrrrr!
Representing only a small cross-section of the plethora of goods one can purchase. I had a blast killing time and money in the markets, and will return tomorrow to search out more stuff for my apartment. Please rest assured that I purchased none of the items shown here, but am considering a few of them. Hopefully some lucky Colombiano did not snatch them up before I can return to bargain with the sellers for these classic items.
Do not be surprised if there is a part 3 and part 4 to this post.

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  1. Really!?! Did I see that correctly... it was a voodoo shrunken vag? I have seen shrunken heads, and there was the character in Beatlejuice but never saw shrunken anatomy. Wow!!! The markets there are a mysterious and wonderful place. I also like the clown ideas you had, both of them!! Hahahahaha.

    Good to hear that you are keeping yourself entertained. And in the process entertaining the shit out of me!!! Keep up the good work.