Saturday, January 23, 2010

Colombian shopping spree.

I have found myself living in my own apartment in Bogotá. After jumping through all the proper Colombian hoops, I offically live here, rental contract and everything. But that being said, apartments here come completely unfurnished. I´m talking not even a rod to hang my shower curtain. So this week has been a massive shopping spree to make myself a home; one could call it nesting, but not like that, I´m not having a Colombian baby. . .that I know of anyways. Ahem(throat clearing), let´s change the subject.

Bogotá has some flipping sweet flea markets that happen on Sundays and are filled with a world of things, literally. As I shopped last Sunday, I found myself absolutely fascinated by the wide range of objects that one can purchase second hand in this oh-so-special place. Needless to say, and very obviously posted below, I pulled out the camera quite a few times for things that are only believable in e-print. Get your tissues, you are going to cry, out of hilarity, out of disgust or out of sheer happiness that you can certainly buy anything you want in Bogotá. Speculum. Used speculum. When I open my back-alley PAP smear clinic, I now know where I can buy cheap equipment.
These little guys were the only live things for sale, thank god in heaven for that.

WHAT?!?!? You mean to tell me the secrets to perfect hair have been hiding in this junk heap in Colombia all this time?!?!?! My carreer just took a huge boost! Yes! And if I look hard enough, I know I can even find a VHS player to watch this inspirational, life and hair changing video. It´s in English and everything(tears welling up in the eyes. . .).

Colombia is an equatorial country, how a single ski boot ended up here is a mystery. This was the only one, literally did not have a match that I could find. Memories of life in the ski town. I know some Texan tourists who would eat this up.
Antique barber chairs. I damn near drooled when I saw these beauties. However, I am curious if the giant clown head is included in the $1,500,000 Colombian peso price of the chairs. Maybe I could install a Flobee in the clown head, put the clown head on the client, wait for 3 minutes, remove the clown head, take the money and sit the next client down. Or maybe I could wear the clown head whilst cutting to scare the screaming kids in to silence. "Here comes the barber with my sharp implements! Don´t be scared little boy, it´s just a hair cut, ha, ha, ha(evil laughing)." That should shut the little shits up.
Being that blogspot only lets me post five photos per post, I have included a part 2 to this Colombian flea market madness, read on.


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