Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lingering feelings.

Was there a situation where you ever wished you could have just one extra day to experience what was going on? One extra day to explain yourself? One extra day to enjoy the perfect vacation? One extra day to be with a loved one who has passed on? Today is your extra day.

Because humans are so imperfect, we have created an imperfect calender that requires that every four years we add a day to our calender to make up for the flawed system and get us back on track. February 29 happens to be the lucky and illusive day that we get giddy over every fourth year. We call it leap year, which is a strange name, what exactly are we leaping over? I prefer to think of it as linger year. This extra day is not only our way of making up for a calender we haven't gotten right, but it's a chance to linger just a little bit longer before moving on with the year and beginning the month of March.

Call me crazy, but I am thinking of today as my extra day. My extra day I wished I could have had in so many situations seemingly stopped short. My extra day to be on vacation, my extra day to explain my mistakes, my extra day to hold my lover before we forever part, my extra day to see my baby nieces and nephews before they become adults right before my eyes and it's my extra day to be with my Grandma Hansen. All the times I have ached for just one extra day, I will live in one day. I will close my eyes, breathe deeply and let my mind go. I will return to the places I desperately miss, I will have my final say, I will breathe in the scent of my lovers forever burned on my brain, I will squeeze the chubby cheeks of babies and I will ask my grandma for gum from her purse as though no time has passed. And when I open my eyes, I will be smiling.

Today is your day to be well if you are sick. Today is your day to study just a bit more for the big test. Today is your day to lie on the beach in Mexico. Today is your day to hold the hands that are no longer with us. Our work obsessed society has destroyed any concept of doing things for ourselves, for nothing more than to feel good. I suggest that today everyone takes ten minutes to close their eyes, breathe deeply and let your mind go and linger in all the places you wish you had just one more day. No regrets, just a chance to really experience the best times of our lives all over again. You will be amazed and the clarity of your memories when you really give them a chance to surface and become alive again. Whatever you have to do can wait for ten minutes, but the extra day you will live in your most perfect memories will last a lifetime.

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