Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bipolar disorder.

Thankfully for me and everyone involved Denver has quite the inconsistency with its winter weather.  It was almost 70° today!  YES!  No jacket, on December 18.  This is a beautiful thing.  The weather two weeks ago was in the horrific negatives with snow and ice everywhere, and it was rough.  But today was like, perfect.  I'm hoping that the cold temps we had a couple weeks ago is the coldest it's gonna be all winter and that the rest of it will resemble something more winter-temperate, with a few days like today sprinkled in.  Makes winter much more survivable.  So though I whine and I cry about the cold, I am fully aware about how good we really do have in winter in Denver.  Most places get cold, stay cold, get gray and stay gray for months.  That's why if I'm gonna do winter anywhere in the world, it will only ever be in Denver where it's 70° at least one day each month for all the winter months, with tons of sun regardless of the temperature.  And since I'm so accustomed to inconsistency with myself(I am a woman after all) I can deal just fine with the winter here as it reflects myself in a lot of ways.  If winter can deal with me, I can deal with her.   

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