Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Manly men.

Of all the fragilest things in existence, of all the things that need coddled and babied on every level possible, there is the "mighty" male ego.  Now before you go getting all hurt over this since I even mentioned it, and I can tell you are already about get butt hurt(god forbid I hurt your precious ego), relax and hear me out.  I have a special perspective on this specific subject as I have chosen, as a woman, to work exclusively with men in my career, and boy oh boy does that make for a side of men that they rarely show.  I have also traveled the world and seen the male ego in action in multiple cultures and situations.  Not to mention I have dated practically millions of men, and have many close men friends.

You silly boys, from what I have seen your egos convince you that what's important in being a man involves muscles, cock size, aggressiveness, banging tons of chicks, number of drinks one can consume and a host of other shallow things.  Don't get me wrong, the external appearance of a man makes a difference in his manliness; as a barber I will never deny that.  But it's simply the packaging, this is where behavior and lifestyle is what makes all the difference in who is a man and who is simply a grown boy.  The precious ego says that the more women you can be with or at least attract attention from makes you more and more manly.  News alert, you are a man whether women are around or not and their presence or attention only signifies that you are attractive for breeding.  How long those women stick around determines more about your manliness since a real man will have to work to keep a good woman around.  If you aren't willing to do a lil work to woo a woman into sticking around, then how boyish is that?  Seriously..  It's not about how great you think you are, it's about how great you are. 

And this whole thing about cock size.  I understand that the size of a penis is a popular topic, especially amongst us women, and is an important factor to nearly every adult on earth, man and woman.  But again it does not determine ones level of manliness.  The cock does not make the man, in fact, it's the opposite.  It's easier and funner and better to get off when there is true genuine emotion behind any love making vs. simply the size of the member involved in said love making.  The mind is in fact the most powerful sex organ and if your mind is so consumed by your ego because of your dick size, there is no way it will ever be able to connect to the sexual energy of another's mind and really get off.

It can be discouraging to me sometimes to see a man's ego completely consume the fantastic being he could be in such a tremendous ego's place.  I feel blessed to have gained the power and intuition to see past it, oftentimes the emotional damage and insecurities that cause it, and sometimes be able to tap into that.  I have spent lots of time with men in one of their weakest aspects, their grooming.  The vulnerability they have in a haircut or grooming situation and the physical proximity involved to perform these services is something which most men don't share with the majority of the people they come in contact with every day.  Mix that with my intense nature and the ego breaks down in a matter of seconds.  You can't fool me with that surface covering bullshit.

The male ego in one of humanity's most destructive forces and is responsible for the greatest damage ever inflicted on this earth.  This ego has started innumerable wars, beaten down and abused millions and millions of women, robbed, killed, etc, etc, etc.  It's not the men, it's the awful ego that has been bred into them and that we as a species have allowed to proliferate, uncontrolled and unchecked.  Men who are conscious of their ego and are able to overcome it or manage it are the best men in all of humanity.  These men can see the separation between who they really are and what an ego truly is; something created and not anything that determines their worth in any way.  Sounds simple, but it is a difficult and powerful journey for any man that has taken it on since we have convinced men that they are their ego.  Also, separating from their ego tends to be the most worthwhile thing a man can do.    

A real man is able to put his ego aside to understand another, be it a friend, lover, family member or co-worker.  A real man is able to see his ego as separate from himself and thus be a more influential man for it.  A real man is able to commit on any level; to himself, to a woman, to a job, to a healthy way of life, and to his own truth.  Sure men have caused some serious ruckus in their time, men have also achieved the heights of greatness.  Men have provided for women, children and even other men for thousands of years, throughout mankind's existence.  Men have carried their wounded brothers out of the wars they fight and have stayed by the side of a dying parent.  Men have explored the world and discovered life changing inventions.  Men have built entire civilizations and then torn them down to build more.  Men have entertained the world from music to sports to endless amounts of art produced by their manly minds and hands.  Men have sacrificed themselves for numerous good causes, the most noble being to protect women and family.  Men are the reason that women have been able to do what we do best, to flourish in our femininity.  Real men possess genuine qualities of compassion, love, understanding, nurturing, strength, patience, endurance, protection and drive; none of these words fitting into any definition of ego.

**Thank you to all the real men, whether I know you or not, who have me believe 100% in humanity as a whole.  You are a true blessing to this planet and we have never needed you so bad.

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