Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I heart NY.

There are few truly honest places on planet Earth that reflect the honesty of New York City.  Known for being honest to almost the point of rudeness, New Yorkers have earned a reputation for their brash and forward nature regarding any and every situation.  I feel at home there as I can ask for or say whatever I want and no one bats an eye over it.  God bless you New York for being so self-confident, real and to the point.

This warning on the subway train in the Big Apple is so New York.   About as plain as it can get.  Because I am a Spanish speaker I of course had to read the Spanish version of this same warning, found below on the left side of the sign.  It, somewhat ironically, is a very boring literal version of the same message translating into the equivalent of:  If you travel on the exterior parts of the train, you risk having a fatal accident.  Really?  That's it?  Boring!  And people think Spanish is so exciting.  I much prefer the very New York warning in English.  Wiped out - forever!  Ride inside.  Get there alive.  I've ridden subway trains all over the world and only in New York have I seen such a dramatic public service advisement.  Keepin' it real, real honest.  

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