Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snooze button.

Recently my brother was sick with strep throat, and when he recovered he came over to hang out.  I asked how he was feeling and he proceeded to tell me his program of recovery.  He mentioned that one of the nights he slept for what he described as "a Sarah, I slept for one Sarah".  With this term, "a Sarah", he was describing a period of sleep consisting of fourteen hours of sleep.  Ahh, he knows me so well.  I do love me some sleeping.  My mom tells me that I was the best sleeping baby beginning to sleep through the night at three weeks old, sleeping for twelve hours a night, with two three-hour-long naps in the day. Do the math.  I was awake for six hours a day.  Heaven.  I was probably a cat in a former life.  I was even born a week late, via c-section, cause you know what, I wanted to sleep in in there too; dark, warm, quiet, no responsibility. 

I was also recently ill and slept for quite a few "Sarahs"; some on the couch, some in the bed, some a combination of both couch and bed.  Whether sick or not however, I will sleep for as many damn hours as I can.  When I lived in Bogotá, I was so bored and couldn't be outside due to safety issues after 10pm, that I found myself sleeping about twelve hours a night and oftentimes taking a long nap in the afternoon.  Honestly, and don't tell anyone I said this, it was a bit too much.

It takes me about an hour and change to get out of bed in the morning as well and I have to set my alarms(yes, I need multiple alarms)to allow for this buffer zone between actually waking up and actually getting up.  Where this excessive need for sleep comes from I could honestly care less.  I would rather be someone that sleeps extra instead of not enough and my heart aches for those with true insomnia.  I would die, I would rather die since death is permanent sleep.  I really only wake up in the morning so that it's just that much closer to when I get to go back to sleep.  Nighty night.     

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