Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I have challenged myself to write one hundred posts in one hundred days, and haven't we all been having so much fun with it!  Today is the halfway point, the fiftieth post.  YES!  I look at it like climbing a mountain, except without the little gophers running about.  

Today I summited, I've reached the top.  Perhaps you're questioning why you think I've reached the top when I'm only halfway.  To me, the summit is only halfway, since we have to hike down as well.  For me, the hike down has always been the lesser enjoyable experience, jamming on the knees and having to be mindful not to twist an ankle, all the while exhausted from the climb.  Hiking up is pure burn and pain, but hiking down is a sick torture all of its own since all you wanna do is get to the car.  I imagine that the second half of this personal writing challenge is going to feel similar to the descent of a peak; exhausting in its own way, painful and seemingly never ending, but with a killer buzz and nap awaiting at the bottom.  

I also don't see myself as going back to where I was when I started this.  The need to do this challenge came from knowing for years that a part of my destiny is to write and if I want to manifest my destiny, I needed to start somewhere.  So though I begin my descent tomorrow after enjoying the view from the top today, I won't turn around to follow the same trail I hiked up.  I am taking a new trail, in a new direction, into a new valley where I will be surrounded by new peaks, thus new challenges and opportunities to grow.  There is no place I love more on earth than the mountains, whether literal or figurative and I'm going to take my time enjoying the buzz of reaching the summit tonight.

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