Monday, December 9, 2013

Fake ID.

Goddamnit I find social media in all its glory to be an absolute riot.  I have gone on and off with Facebook in my day, despising and loving it all at the same time, activating and deactivating.  I refuse Twitter and Instagram.  I've done some online dating, and may do some more in my life.  But WOWZA, what a fun time it can be to see the difference(or lack thereof)between what someone puts online and how they really are.  I suppose it's all just a reflection of what we think we really are, or what we wish we were, or total bullshit so that others can never know who we really are.  It's quite frustrating in this modern age to actually get to know someone for who they truly are since we hide behind so much technology; defaulting to texting instead of real conversation, using Facebook as a way to "get to know someone", and just plain lying about all of it.  I personally don't get too caught up in it much and keep people close to me whom have the ability to be their authentic selves.  Ironically, or maybe not ironically, it's these people who usually don't have much involvement in the cyber world of social media and instead choose to also maintain real relationships.  I'm not trying to preach or be self righteous, I've bullshitted on social media and that's why it takes one to know one.     

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