Friday, December 6, 2013

Part two.

"How to use a Japanese toilet(February 2011)" is one of my blog entries that gets the most hits.  Today as I perused through old travel photos in search of inspiration for writing I came across these two gems(no pun intended).  We know how to use a Japanese toilet, but how do we clean up the mess?  Japanese toilet paper of course, in all its glory.  Self explanatory, ultra hilarious, and extremely useful.

 The people of Japan will certainly know exactly what number this toilet paper is for.  It's for number deux.  Or maybe they are simply stating the number of color choices contained in the package.  Blue for boys, pink for girls.
The Japanese have invented a lot of great stuff for the world, and likely because they never lose sight of their core goal.  Foreign toilet tissue called Core Goal?  Are you serious?  I've seen it all.

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