Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fever dreams.

I rarely get ill.  The last few times I have been sick, I have used it as an opportunity to spend some introspective time with myself examining my life and my health and the reasons perhaps why I have turned up sick.  In the Western world we regard sickness as purely scientific, we picked up a virus or bacteria that is having its way with us.  Understood, but that is only one piece of the pie.  Consider this, we come across these bacteria and viruses every single day so why is it that sometimes they affect us and other times not?  This is where I get pensive and look at my life's circumstances prior to becoming "under the weather" and realize that, in fact, I needed some time to take care of myself and only myself.  Especially considering that my profession is purely giving of myself all day in a hectic and very loud environment, being sick is something of a blessing where I don't have to give anything to anyone and I can sit and relax in silence and let my body and spirit speak to me.  This is where I find myself yet again in these past few days, sick and taking care of only me(what I wouldn't give for someone to take care of me), thinking only of me and what my body and spirit need to recover.  Illness is also a time of allowing myself to reflect on some of the recent situations in my life, whether physical, emotional or spiritual that perhaps led me to an increased vulnerability to illness.  I really feel like shit right now and I'd much rather be healthy and able to go about my days as usual.  But in the slowly passing hours that sickness creates I have come to a place of increased gratitude for whatever life brings me and for some time to just do me.


  1. O. M. G. I am laughing my ass off right now Sarah! As embarrassed as I am to admit it, you just described to a T, my almost 21 year old cousin! She lives in Pueblo, Colorado (or Pew-town as those of us lucky enough to escape call it and even small physically and mentally than Denver). As her lack of individualism and taste would suggest, she is full of the rage and vitriol her lack of style suggests. I see plenty of "Denver Girl" everywhere I go, but I'd never thought of this "style" to be an outward reflection of their inner-self until recently when my cousin turned her vehemence on me for nothing more than proving wrong her vitriolic ignorance on a Facebook post. As ridiculous as it may sound, these Denver Girls and their matching mates are the New Clockwork Orange Kids - most of their violent behavior is currently directed at themselves and their video games. They scare me and I am thankful that my secluded little mountain village hasn't the Denver Girl (or Boy) trend so much as hippie, pot smoking, dreadlocked kids who believe in love!

    1. Denver girl cracks me up, and that post was easy to write since she is everywhere. Poor things. Great to hear from you Karna!