Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meat beard.

I am a childless woman in my 30s, and it's going to stay that way.  However, I do still have the urge to obsess over cute things and since I'm terrified of babies, my friends' dogs usually fit the bill.  When I went to Argentina, I knew I would desperately miss Toby, my dear friend's dog in LA, so I was on the hunt for a friend with a dog.

Shortly after arriving in Buenos Aires, I met my friend Kara and we quickly became besties.  The first time I went to her house, I got to meet Asha and in Asha's enthusiasm to meet me, Kara apologized for her "meat beard".  I was cracking up since with her little schnauzer haircut, Asha has a beard and since Asha's diet is raw meat and veggies, her beard was semi-matted with meat juice.  Hilarious.  Asha quickly gained the nick name Meat Beard from Kara and I and her meat beard was cute and disgusting all at the same time. 

Asha is one of my favorite little beasts of all time!  She really helped lighten the stress load that was my life in Buenos Aires by consistently being super cute and funny. I love Asha!  One of the best things about Asha is that she is a pure Argentine through and through.  Asha embodies the neurotic nature of the residents of Buenos Aires, plus in this pic she is relaxing on a leather couch, in front of a mate, and trust me, Asha isn't the only Argentine with meat juice in her beard. . .  Anyone that knows anything about Argentina knows that Argentina produces what is often considered the world's finest beef and nearly every Argentine is obsessed with meat. 

I never miss Buenos Aires, but I do miss Asha and her meat beard every so often.  I saw this pic of her and knew that I needed to pay homage to my fuzzy little friend keeping it real in San Telmo.

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