Friday, November 8, 2013

Where are my keys?

There are at least two women in my family that are in a perpetual state of looking for their keys.  I happen to be one of them and my mother is the other.  The fact that we have trouble locating our keys at any given moment is a point that my brother makes sure we are fully aware of by teasing every single time the hunt for keys commences.  However, sweet justice was served up hot tonight when my brother Brady came over to hang out.  When the time came for him to leave, Brady had a lot of trouble locating his hat he had worn over to my place when walking through the chilly evening.  He looked everywhere in my small apartment, and even emptied out his backpack in order to try and find where he may have put the hat.  He ultimately found it sitting right next to where his backpack had also been the entire time.  Ha ha, sucker.  I totally busted his balls over it and made sure that now he knows how stressful it can to look for things when they are in plain sight. 

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