Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hair, hair, it's everywhere!

The hair gets everywhere.  The little tiny hair clippings flying forth from my clippers and scissors every day that I work have been on or near me in every possible way.  It's awful and certainly is the worst thing about hair cutting.  The hair goes on and in any shoe, gets to the socks even.  The hair for sure is on the shirt and pants/skirt/dress.  The hair finds its way into the bra, in quantity.  The hair is on any clothing that even thinks about going to the barbershop.  

Not only does the hair get on every item of clothing we are wearing on any given day, it gets all over and all stuck in our skin.  Hair on the face is awful, and it's a daily occurrence with the lips or eyes being the worst.  Hair, of course, all over the hands and behind the nails.  Often times hair digs itself into the skin and makes a painful and gross hair splinter.  The hair splinters in the hands are easier to get out than the ones that burrow in to the feet.  These hair splinters can actually sometimes be a lil dangerous when they are difficult to get out.  And hair splinters never cease to make me gag a little at the thought of a clipping of some strangers hair is stuck inside the structure of my skin and I have to dig it out with a needle while wondering how long I've been carrying it around.  Yarr.

Hair clippings have followed me around the world and I am probably happy that I truly have no idea how many of them live in my apartment with me or get eaten or inhaled by me.  In my stuff is one thing, but in my body is another.  It's all part of the art of cutting hair; got to really love hair since it's damn near literally everywhere.  

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