Saturday, November 2, 2013

The morning after.

Halloween is the best.  Really, costumes and candy is an unbeatable combination as there are endless varieties of both of those things.  For me though, the candy side of the Halloween madness has always caused more problems than it ever solved.  I cannot help myself when it comes to candy.  I'll make myself sick and keep eating it.

Yesterday's Halloween celebration was no exception with the candy over-indulgence, not to mention the weeks of candy consumption leading up to the blessed 31st.  Sheesh, I'm pretty sure I put away more than a few pounds of candy in October.  This morning my stomach was feeling a little off and it took a second for me to remember just how much candy I ate last night, out on the town, in costume.  The sporadic stabbing pain in my belly this morning was enough to remind me that it was not anything record setting, but enough to feel it.  I ate candy basically all night and candy that I don't normally eat as I do my best to be conscious of my candy choices.  Sure, right, "conscious" of candy choices, there's an oxymoron for ya.  I binged and I loved it.  It even hurt a little while I did it, but there was never any intent to stop or slow down.  Milk Duds, Reese's cups, Tootsie Rolls, Skittles, Snickers, need I go on?!  It was beautiful in a sort of way like when you watch videos of people getting hurt in that each bite was so sweet but hurt just a little more each time, coupled with guilt.  What a night.  What a morning.  What better way to nurse a candy hangover than by eating just a little more candy the day after, which happens to be exactly what I did at work today.

Soon I'll settle back into my normally binge-free candy days and nights now that Halloween has come and gone yet again.  Sure the other big holidays are just around the corner and present certain sweets binges in their own unique ways.  But those are more like a come down from the biggest candy holiday of them all.  It's like there's a few more candy laden holidays in the months following October just so we can slowly withdrawal from the sugar high of Halloween.  And though the later holidays have some magic of their own, none of them hold a flame to a holiday dedicated exclusively to costumes and candy, plus some skulls and bones.       

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